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i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. back to work if a lot of people. >> we never left work. >> just a figure of speech. we never stop working. news is always on. >> we're always on. >> got it in. what is up with the weather? >> we have a couple of rain showers off it the south and east. other than that, should be a quieter day. sunshine, humidity, highs about 90. typical washington fare for july. there is your radar. there is your shower activity. you can see south and east now of the city still getting a couple of light showers. salisbury, ocean city, probably not quite done with it yet. southern maryland, you might see a leftover shower in st. mary's city. here in washington, points north and west, mother nature is trying to give us some slightly trier air and that is causing a little cooling and a little fog. be ready for a little fog as you get into the mountains off to the north and west. reagan national, one the warm spots, 75. humidity, 73%.
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there are your winds out of the north at nine miles per hour so that is a bright spot. here is your forecast, mostly sunny skies. warm, still rather humid with a hig degrees later today. we'll take showers and thunderstorms out of the afternoon forecast for a change. they will return tomorrow. i'll have details on that coming up. >> thank you. senate some folk living in arlington, virginia still cleaning up after sunday night's big storm. a slew of trees and power lines knocked down. the wind were estimated between 60 and 70 miles per hour during the storm in arlington. dominion reports about 2400 soft mores without power in northern virginia this morning. >> very interesting now that people are back to work dealing with all that. dealing with all the traffic as well. it will be a busy day. >> today is the big one. >> let's check in with lauren demarco to see how things are on the roads so far. >> good morning, men. how are you? as you talk about the storms we were dealing with, we are still
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seeing some of the effects. crews on northbound glebe road between 33rd and 36th street. they are working to restore the power cables that fell down during the storm. seeing light volume at this hour. much of our overnight construction did not take place so that is good news. 395 from the beltway across the 14th street bridge into the district, your lanes are open. no problems to report. 95 running well if you are traveling southbound near aquia harbor. we did have reports of a disabled vehicle but it is on the shoulder. 66, no problems to report out of manassas through centreville from route 50 fair oaks in past nutley street toward the beltway. you are looking great. # 70 70 -- 270 in good shape. nothing to report for you. here we are new york avenue inbound at bladensburg road, your lanes there are open. back to you. >> thank you.
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new this morning, a car slams into a home in montgomery county overnight. take a look at these pictures. >> some serious damage and now a young woman is under arrest. sarah simmons live at aspen hill with the story. >> reporter: this was on parkland drive and aspen hill road. crews are here trying to clean up. you can see the massive hole that the suv left behind here. take a look at that video again. that was of the suv when it was still inside this home this morning. police tell us a 2 #-year-old woman was drive ago long aspen hill road when she hit two parks cars and then was -- there was enough force, enough speed that she came up a hill and into the back of this house, rammed right through and into this house. the suv she was driving police say came to rest inches from a woman who lives here and was on the couch at the time.
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she didn't want to give us her fame. very shaken up but take a listen who-to-what she had to say about her experience. >> everything happened so fast, you know. suddenly, everything collapsed and the closet was flying. the walls all coming towards me and so i knew that -- i said i'm going to die right now. >> reporter: she is very lucky to be alive. she had just gotten back from the hospital. she is in good condition, expected to be okay. very shaken up, of course. her husband and son were here as well but in a different room at the time. they heard effect that happened, couldn't believe it themselves. but as you had mentioned, police did arrest a 22-year-old woman. set has since been charged with driving under the influence. police are still investigating this one but obviously a very shaking experience for this family here in aspen hill tonight. back to you. >> thank you. last night's fourth of july
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celebrations all marred by violence in some spots including the shooting of a 4- year-old boy. that happened in baltimore. the boy and his parents were leaving the fireworks show at the inner harbor. it is not clear in the shooter timed at the boy would was shot in the leg. he was taken to johns hopkins children's cent are and was last listed in stable condition. a man who was stabbed outside the mccormick and schmick's near baltimore's pier six pavilion later died. despite light rain, tight security and large crowds, things went off without a hitch at the national mall last night. the firework marked the 235th anniversary of the signing of the tech lahration of independence. thousands people from across the current are you turned out for the fourth of july event. some tourists with foreign roots even came you out to the
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to celebrate. >> i like very much. i'm russian and now i'm living in denver. i want to say to the people in russia. >> it is so fantastic and incredible. i enjoy it so much with my kids and my relatives from canada. >> the united states a good place. >> it was great. it is really, really colorful and i love it. >> communities all around d.c. held their own dazzling fireworks shows. now, this was how it look the in vienna, virginia. they nearly didn't go off as late showers moved through the area but the crowd waited out the rain. unfortunately, rains did cause takoma park to postpone fireworks there. these were the ones set to get off at takoma park middle school. a message on the takoma park web site says the fireworks will be held on the first clear evening and to check back on the website for updates.
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after years of global warming, there has been a recent cooling period. this morning, we may know why. that is just ahead. mcdonald's has a new plan to go green. what it wants to do with its leftovers that can help the planet. 
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boom and absorbent pads being used to help clean up the oil spill some montana. officials say a ruptured pipeline sent 750,000-barrels of oil into the river. the company had said damage would be limited to a 10-mile stretch of the yellowstone. exop says that was misunderstood. coal burning in china may have had an effect for the earth's climate. researchers say the cul farr particles in the air may have deflected the sun's ray causing a temporarily cooling. they say it may be the rise of global temperature paused for a bit during the past decade which is a bit ironic because coal burning produces the carbon dioxide that contributes to global warming. mcdonald's in the united arab emirates is planning to
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power its trucks with leftovers from the fast food cooking process. the company hopes to lower its carbon footprint by having the vegetable oil do double duty. they have a deal to convert used oil from mickey d's into biodiesel. the partnership plans to produce a fuel that will burn 50% cleaning than your average diesel. we are continuing to count down to the final space shuttle flight. it will be at the end of the week. showers moving through during the overnight hours. we have some fog out there as well as all the details on the hot and huge you had forecast. lauren demarco is in with a look at your on-time traffic coming up right after the break. 
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the countdown continues to the last flight of that is' now 30-year shuttle program. last flight just three days away. four astronauts who will take
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the shuttle atlantis into space on friday arrived at the kennedy space center yesterday. they will embark on the 12-day journey to deliver supplies to the international space station. >> we have a very event had been filled mission ahead of us. we have 12 days. we'll be, very busy. you can tell we have an abridged crew. when it is all over, i think i speak again for everyone when i say that we'll be very proud to put the right handbook end on the space shuttle program. >> after its mission, atlantis will join the discovery and endeavour shuttles in retirement. you heard them say they have an abridged crew. four people doesn't seem like a lot. >> it doesn't for a space shuttle mission. >> it is always amazing to me when you see these shuttles go up in the sky. the whole thing about flying to me just blows my mind even when you get on a plane and you're sitting there and you are in the sky. you take that and you take the shuttle and air going even
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higher, it is amazing. modern technology is amazing. >> and they've beening to it for 0 years. >> incredible. >> hopefully a good forecast down in florida this weekend. >> i'll take a look. not sure what it is. but our forecast is calling for more of the same. we'll do it over and over again. we wake up with humidity and go to bed with relative humidity. >> there is probably humidity in between. >> localities of humidity. temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s and the possibility each day that we could get a shower or thunderstorm during the afternoon. not so much today. more sunshine today and less in the way of clouds. i think most of the shower and thunderstorm activity should stay far enough to the south. storms will return tomorrow. good chance by tomorrow afternoon we'll see scattered showers and thunderstorms return. i mentioned the upper 80s and low 90s, they are here to stay all week. as we get into the weekend, early next week, we might have a warm-up, maybe back into the mid-90s. here are your temperatures and another morning. we are just not cooling off a
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whole lot. 75 at reagan national. 72 in leonardtown. martinsburg, 63. hagerstown, 66. winchester, 64. we have fog developing west of the mountains. be ready for that. the possibility that fog could be dense in spots, down to about a quarter mile. some light shower activity moving on through during the overnight hours. most of it well south an east of the city into southern maryland and lower eastern shore. high pressure out to the west out in indiana and ohio trying to build in but it is not really going to be successful as the frontal system that we've had wavering around here for the last couple of days is still in the neighborhood. we've got kind of a battleground at the moment but as we get into the moment, we should see a return to plenty of sunshine. mostly sunny skies. warm, humid out there. 90 your daytime high. code orange air quality, another day with moderate air quality. later today, partly cloudy and warm.
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74 your overnight low. plenty of humidity when you get up. there are your showers and thunderstorms. they're back by wednesday and thursday afternoon. we hope to get it out of here. setting up for a nice weekend in july. effect is going back to work, right? >> well, maybe everybody but i got to tell you things do look pretty light out there. i'm willing to bet more than a few people took an extra day off to recover after all of that celebrating. we do have reports of a disabled vehicle if you are traveling eastbound at the bay bridge. let's take live look at the camera there at stand way point. it is not causing much of a problem here. right of the screen, that is the toll plaza there as everyone heads to the eastbound lanes of the bay bridge. no delay at this point. we are told the lanes blocked on the eastbound span. westbound to the left of your scene. folk coming back from the beach. there is volume out there. everybody is moving. let's move on to trafficland. 95 building a little bit of volume here near the fairfax
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county parkway. the main lanes heading up towards springfield. no real problems to report on 395. things look good from the beltway for the 14th street bridge. beltway itself as you head from springfield up towards 66. no problems reported. outer loop looks good to the wilson bridge. in montgomery county, outer loop running well past new hampshire avenue making the trip in towards silver spring and connecticut, nothing in your way there and the american legion bridge running well in both directions. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. general david petraeus celebrated his last fourth of july as top commander in afghanistan. general pet ray also spent the holiday to add rehad been enlistment ceremonies in kandahar and bagram airfield. the vus its made at lost one soldier feel privileged. >> you can feel the honor when you get a general like general petraeus to come down and do it for us. it peak it feel more important to me. it will be nice being able to call home and tell my mom to
5:20 am
check it out on tv and tell my family that i got to do this, something that i'll never be able to do again. >> the general says the effort will center on the eastern border with pakistan. it was a fourth of july to remember for the sweet and ballmer children now of bowie children. >> their mom and dad tied the knot. the wedding brought together two war-torn families. bob barnard with that ceremony. >> reporter: beneath the towering air force memorial overlooking the nation's capital, amid the bus loads of tourists on this hazy summer day appears a white stretch limo and in it, two families scarred by war. >> chris actually picked the 4th. he tells me that i'm his fourth of july so he picked the 4th and he picked the location. >> i'm charming that way. >> yes, he is, extremely so. >> reporter: it is the wedding
5:21 am
of air force master originallent chris sweet and his bride daniel. in attendance her two and his three children. >> it is about two families that have been through amazing tragedy. >> reporter: in the bouquet of plowers, two maul photographs, the spouses they lost to war. >> this is another with a if me personally to have them with me and have them be a part of the day. >> reporter: air force technical sergeant ryan ballmer was killed in iraq four years ago. he was 33. >> it was difficult and very scary to have to think about moving forward with it just being the three of us and me trying to figure out how to be a mom and a dad. >> reporter: 30-year-old jessica sweet, also appear air force technical sergeant died from leukemia two years ago exposed to toxic smoke at burn pits in afghanistan. >> i'm very happy, very happy. this is the start of a new life
5:22 am
for me. a rebirth after losing my wife. >> reporter: chris and danielle first met two years ago at a program for families ofs for killed in afghanistan. chris' mom and dand flew in from ohio to attend the ceremony. >> they've both been through so much and for them now to have found one another and have the opportunity to go on living, we couldn't be happier for both of them. >> i'm so happy, so unbelievably happy and overwhelmed. >> in the end, we're happy and we've found each other and our families are together as one and it was important that we do it here so that ryan and jessica can be a part of the ceremony as well because they remain a big part of our families. >> reporter: in arlington, virginia, bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> that was a great story about love and wait until you hear
5:23 am
about this next story that we'll talk about. what a lady will do for her man. a woman faces charges after visiting her husband in prison. what happened as she tried to leave. >> little different situation there. american student amanda knox back in an italian court. she is trying to block italians from seeing it on television. we'll be back. [ mr. clopper ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does... good morning chickens!
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amanda knox is back in court. young american jailed in italy for murder is trying to stop italian media from showing a lifetime movie about her. knox is also appealing her conviction for murder of her roommate. a ruling on knox's appeal could come this fall. now, listen to this one. police in mexico say one man made a brash attempt at a prison escape and officers caught his common law wife trying to sneak him out of the building in a suitcase after a conjugal visit. they searched her bulky bag and found the man curled inside that bag upside down in the fetal position. woman was arrested, charges are pending. the man is serving a 20-year sentence for illegal weapons possession.
5:27 am
prince william of england showed off his military training in canada. that is him performing that water landing off the coast of prince edward island. duke of cambridge a rescue pilot. the newlyweds will embark on a three-day trip to california starting on friday. >> they are living a good life. >> pretty impressive. >> just give me a helicopter, i'll show you what i with do with it. it is back to work for many after the fourth of july holiday. sarah simmons working our top stories this morning. good morning. >> good morning. a family is lucky to be alive after an suv comes tearing through their aspen hill home. coming up after the break, how the family is doing and the latest on the police investigation when we return. 
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there is nothing that compares to it when it comes to celebrating the fourth of july. a huge crowd packed national mall for last night's famous fireworks show. security was tight and there was a little rain but it looks like things went pretty well. up in new york city, coney island to be specific, another fourth of july tradition. yesterday, joey chestnut took home the top title in the fourth of july nice appear hot dog eating contest.
5:31 am
fisk straight win for mr. chestnut. he ate 62 hot dog with buns in 10 minutes packing on about 20,000 calories in case you're curious. chestnut won $10,000 for his efforts. also at this year's competition, sonia the black widow thomas of alexandria won this year's first ever all women's competition. she ate 40 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. she only weighs 105 pounds. she holds the distinction of beating tucker barnes and myself in a wing eating contest. >> you never told me about this. >> tucker did better than i did. >> i doubled steve. he's no competition. sonia blew us all away. >> thank you have to have pepto- bismol afterwards. >> i say the ate -- ate slowly so you didn't have that. >> steve was savoring his wings. >> i mentioned to you last
5:32 am
hour, they played it live yesterday on espn. this was a sporting event. this is crazy. >> let's fete right to the radar. we'll-- let's get right to the radar. we'll show you the shower activity. it will be out of here and we are in for quieter weather today. we are waking up with some fog north and west of the city. win chest are, hagerstown, you are dealing with fog and reduced visibilities up there. temperature, 75. 75 at reagan national. 64 in winchester. not too bad north and west. same can't be said for the east. more sunshine than yesterday and the heat will be right back in the same department, upper 80s and low 90s. and we took the opportunity or the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm out of the forecast for the day. so today should be dry although. possibility of thunderstorms return tomorrow.
5:33 am
i'll have details on that coming up in just a minute. >> thank you. let's check in with talker and get a look at traffic. good morning, guys. >> tell me about your fourth of july. i heard yesterday that you had some sort of surprise location that you were going to or secret location i can't it was a secret barbecue. >> at the whitehouse or something? >> well, we're in the going to talk about that. i can't talk about that one. i can talk about the one that was at my house. >> you had two barbecues. >> the other one was secret so i can't talk about it. we'll talk about that off camera. >> all right. well, it was a very nice day. today should be nice as well. things hooking pretty good on the roads. no real problems to report. the closure we were dealing with north glebe road has reopened. you will find your lanes are
5:34 am
open in virginia and in maryland on the beltway. no problems to report on the american legion bridge or the woodrow wilson bridge. new this morning, a nasty dent in maryland. >> a very close call. a car crashed into a home with thee people inside it. sarah simmons is live on the scene in aspen hill with the latest. >> reporter: surprisingly, everybody is okay inside this home. this accident happened about 12:0 this morning. it is at the intersection of parkland drive and aspen hill road. this is the house where this suv came into off the street. you can see this video shot earlier this morning and the suv inside the house. police tell us a 22-year-old woman was driving this. the suv that she was driving came to rest inches from a woman who lives here and she was on the couch at the time.
5:35 am
her husband was in a next door bedroom. she talked about as well as she did about what they heard and saw. take a listen. >> i heard this loud crash which i thought was an accident out here on the street. i opened the door to the back room and there was an suv in my typing room. >> everything happened so fast. suddenly, everything collapsed and the closet was flying, the washing machine and the walls all coming towards me and i knew -- you said i'm going to die right now. >> reporter: luckily, that woman that you saw there, she didn't want to give her name but she had just gotten back from the hospital when she was talking to us. three of them total were inside the house. husband was okay. their son was actually in his room which they said is right
5:36 am
off to the side here. so he also was the in his bedroom at the time when this occurred. all of them though voicingly and thankfully expected to be okay here. police arrested a 2 #-year-old woman. she has been charged with driving under the influence. -- police arrested a 22-year- old woman. fairfax county police investigating a deadly stabbing. , this at a home in reston. police were called to the home on col vi. n meadows lane around 10:20 last night. we'll continue to follow the story throughout the morning. the continuous debate on the debt ceiling pick back up again this morning. house was scheduled to work this week and the senate canceled its recess so lawmakers could be back at the capital today. republican lawmakers remain far apart from the white house in negotiations over raising the debt limit. the obama administration says it must be raised by august 2nd
5:37 am
are on the u.s. will begin to default on its debt. republicans want deep spending cuts to go along with any debt ceiling increase. other top stories this morning a a six-year-old boy drowned yesterday at sandy point state park in annapolis. vehicle ours say he fell into the marina about 8:00 yesterday morning and was rushed to the hospital where he died. the department of natural resources urges everyone who is swimming to make sure you swim only in the areas where life towards are on duty. clean-up continues from a violent storm that swept across the area sunday night. and homes. n, trees crashed thousands of people without power. the ?ers estimate the winds topped 60 to 70 miles per hour. -- the national weather service estimates the winds topped 60 to 70 miles per hour. the national weather service said it was a macro burst. update on a storm-related death along the c & o tow path. a man killed just before 7:00 sundayite when a tree fell on
5:38 am
him as he rode his bike mere mile marker 33. the man has been identified as 56-year-old neil reich of forest hills, new york. he and a companion were riding from harpers ferry to d.c. ahead, former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn facing more accusations of attempted rape this morning. how his attorney s say they will fight this latest claim. [ man ] did we get anything good? sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet. fiber makes me sad. oh common. i dare you to taste one hint of fiber in fiber one. oh, i'd be able to tell. why don't i just eat this bag?
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hacker as taxed the fox news political twitter act and post updates claiming that the president was assassinated. now the secret service is involved and wants to know who did it. the agency will investigate the hacking. the hackers broke into the twitter act monday and left six tweets claiming president obama had been shot in iowa. fox news calls the tweets malicious. after nearly six hours yesterday, they did not reach a verdict. anthony is charged with first degree murder in the 2008 death of her 2-year-old daughter
5:42 am
caylee. a french novelist accuses dominique strauss-kahn of attempted rape in 2002. he was charged with sexually assaulting a hotel maid in new york. national has a good reason to celebrate the fourth of july. >> it was the first of the four- game series against the cubs and the nats took home a win in extra innings. we are talking pore about that with the sports junkies at 106.7 the fan coming up. >> there is a view of 395 by the pentagon. we'll check back in with tucker barnes and lauren demarco with traffic right after the break. take the finish challenge.
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at the national mall, there was music for every taste at the capital 4th, even steve martin. was that little richard? >> yeah, it was. >> that was little richard up there. there were elvis and johnny cash impersonators. that is jordi nu. sparks from american idol. she was there singing and
5:46 am
entertaining the crowd. little richard. >> steve martin playing the banjo. >> he is on tour doing that right now. >> is he? >> yeah, i watched part of that. >> this has pushed off it the east and the south during the overnight hours. -- this has pushed off to the east and south during the overnight hours. we'll get rid of the possible of showers and thunderstorms for at least a day. if you thought it was hot yesterday, you were right. temperatures back into the 90s at reagan national. dulles, 90. bwi marshall, the cool spot. i know you these numbers because we'll be in this department all week long with highs in upper 80s and low 90s each afternoon. right now, it is 75 at reagan national. that is the warm spot. 73 in quantico. southern maryland has a few
5:47 am
showers in the past few hours. annapolis now, 76. we have 60s here off to the north and west. what is happening is we are getting fog developing n some sports here up towards martinsburg and winchester, hagerstown, we have reports of visibility less than a quarter mile. looking at your satellite- radar, the shower activity that developed during the evening hours last night is pushing off to the south and east. still a few leftover sprinkles and showers across the lower eastern shore down towards ocean city. that is about t off to the north and west, look at the clear skies into ohio and indiana. we'll try to nudge some of that in here later today. we have high pressure and i think at least temporarily, the frontal system that has been hanging out across the mid- atlantic will get shunted far enough south that we can take the showers and thunderstorms out of the forecast for the day. later this afternoon and during the night tonight, that front will be back and present at least the possibility of more showers and thunderstorms starting tomorrow afternoon. code orange air quality. winds out of the north at about
5:48 am
five to 10. later tonight, we'll do it all over again. partly cloudy, warm, muggy overnight. 74 your overnight low. so this tropical air mass sticks around all week. get it? sticks around all week. upper 80s by friday and saturday with sunshine. let's to traffic with lauren demarco. >> your jokes, i can't take it. >> good stuff, i know. julie always laughs. >> all right. we do have a couple of things going on right now. northbound 7100 fairfax county parkway at the dulles airport access road. reports of a new wreck. the good news, if you are traveling north glebe road between 33rd and 36th street, we had it shut down because of ongoing utility work. that has been cleared up and reopened. pretty light volume at this hour. traveling northbound 395 and the beltway past edsall road up
5:49 am
to the main lanes. 95 running well from fredericksburg up towards springfield. here we are 66 as you travel past centreville. we have some volume slowing you down. off and on the brakes again past 7100. 270 southbound out of frederick, brief tea lays. other than that, things look good down toward the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a win for the nationals and things looking pretty good for bryce harper. >> time now to talk about some of that. joining us now are the sports junkies from 106.7 the fan. good morning, fellows. >> good morning, steve. >> hey, wisdom, don't forget about me. >> oh, hello. >> bryce harper, will he face any competition in aa ball or will he cruise through and dominate like he did in hagerstown? >> he had two hits in his debut last night. i don't no for he will have as
5:50 am
easy a time in aa as he did in a. i think he will have success there. they wouldn't have given him the green light to go to aa had he not done so well. >> he is a teen no, ma'am. he will dominate there and everybody is going to wonder why they don't just call him up to the big league club. they probably aren't until midseason next year. >> i think there is no reason to bring him up this year because you lose a year, right. >> correct. >> wouldn't you want to create some hype like you did with strasburg. >> they could do that next year. i think this year i think they're worried about -- they're seven games back of the wild card. they are worried about contending, staying in the race. next year, they can bring those guys up. you can't rush them. there is though point in doing it. >> let's talk about roger clemens. he will be in court today. whether or not he is convicted is almost irrelevant. what does this do to the
5:51 am
rocket's career and legacy. >> i think he is forever tainted. he is out there in court. that is going to be his biggest legacy. he is tainted by steroids, the perjury cases. i think the public image of him has done a complete 180 since he stopped playing baseball. >> it is tough because he was in an era where everybody was doing it and he obviously dabbled too. at least that is my opinion. but he was in that position where, if he acknowledged it, it would ruin hall of fame chances but if he lied t b. it, it puts him in this perjury jeopardy. so he is really in a tough spot. there is a small part of me that actually feels sorry for him because other guys have admitted it and they're fine. >> i'm still not taking down my autographs jersey i have some my basement. it is staying up there forever. it's too nice. >> kind of like me and my tiger woods picture. >> got to keep it there. >> you mentioned his hall of fame chances, once this happens, however it turns out
5:52 am
-- >> dear owe. he has zero chance. >> he is not getting in. >> i don't think barry bonds is going to get there and i think ultimately a-rod will have a tough time although he is one. guys e. b. mentioned who at least admitted it sort of. i think even if the guys admit it, none of these guys are getting in, rafael palmiero, sammy sosa. >> but they were still the best players of their era. you can't credit steroids for all seven cy youngs. >> they brought baseball back to the fans even if it was for the wrong reasons now. it helped a decade ago. >> yesterday, big hot dog eating contest at connie island. espn actually ran their poll asking if this was a sport, competitive eating. something like 85% of the people said no. we continue to put it on espn and watch these guys gorge.
5:53 am
which junkie would win the contest? >> cakes would win it. he's done it before. it is yusuf weekend and there is nothing on. >> the pelling bee is also on espn. >> excellent point. >> at lost when you're spelling stuff, you have some redeeming quality. >> that's true. there is something about you that is good. >> you many taking in 19,000 calories in five minutes saint quality. >> are you telling me gluttony isn't a redeemable quality? >> i believe that is a sin somewhere. >> how many can cakes eat? i did 15 in just under 15 minutes to win a bet. >> how did you feel the next day? >> i would never do that again. i felt like a zombie for three straight days. >> i note i the pepto-bismol sign there. they sponsored the whole thing. >> put me on for maybe two or three max and i think i'm good.
5:54 am
>> yeah. >> see you, wisdom. >> tap out at one hot dog. >> all right. let's keep talking about baseball or at least what is happening on the baseball field at a baseball stadium. mrs.obama will be at today's nats game. she will join the team for a salute to military families. children of the military families will walk with the first lady to home flight 800 during a pre-game ceremony. one of the children will throw out first pitch. there will also be a special tribute during a third inning of today's game against the cubs. >> that will be good stuff. we're back with more fox 5 morning news after this. 
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
i do want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is gia sansone. she just got a new job and her stolen car was recovered. she says if she were the fan of the day, she would feel as if she were winning. and she is winning. if you would like to be the fan of a tax search for us on fox 5 morning news and post a comment under gia's photo -- if you would like to be the fan of the day. >> we're checking your morning commute and weather. a live look now at the wilson bridge at 5:57. fox 5 morning news will be
5:58 am
right back.
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